Saturday, 1 January 2011

Wednesday 26th August 2009 ♥

I made the right choice in the end anyway. A year later and I'm still with the guy, yes there are a few arguments, yes sometimes we over react, yes sometimes things don't go as planned but the thing that matters is that we still love each other. I remember meeting him for the first time thinking he's a little strange with his extremely curly hair and his quirky personality but in the end that's what makes him my Adamz. I suppose it was pretty awkward when I first met his family but they were easy to get used to (A lot easier than mine anyway). On the 19th September 2009 we had our first kiss which will never be forgotten. Surprisingly it was the first time we kissed someone and it went pretty well for a first time. At the beginning we didn't spend so much time with each other because of my mum and her complaining but as months go by I spent more and more time with him and our love never died for each other. During the past year and a bit we've been to London 3x, Manchester 2x and Birmingham 1x to go shopping and Macclesfield and Stafford to watch Adam at his swimming galas. I didn't know that he was a swimmer until a week or two in of being his friend. Funnily enough I only found out when I went to his house with a bunch of people and saw the amount of medals he has on his wall from all the galas he’s been to. One day we were all at the park and he was on some weird climbing frame with a friend and I just turned around at the wrong time and saw his friend pulling his top back down. Confused, I asked him what he was doing and he said "Just checking out his six pack" I just laughed and thought that he was bluffing seeing I didn't expect Adam to have a six pack judging on how thin he was. But boy was I wrong. Seeing I was still going out with someone at the time he didn't want to show me but when we started talking more and more he soon sent a photo and I was flabbergasted. Out of all the unexpected things I reckon that was what I wasn't expecting the most. From that day on we told each other our darkest secrets and that’s how it took me to where I am today. Come to think of it, I still have every single conversation I had with him on MSN saved on my memory stick just so they don’t get forgotten. Currently I have spent 2 Christmases with him and 3 birthdays, two which are his. Hopefully there will be many more to come too! The trust between us has grown tremendously and we can always tell each other anything without worrying about others knowing. Hopefully it will always stay that way...

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